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Reversing diabetes before it takes hold – Times of India

Times of IndiaHe knew he always had weight issues, and both his parents were diabetic, but the fact that it could affect him too was not something he had ever expected! Diabetes happened to elder people, not young people like him!! He loved his food– colas and fast … and more


Sugar hit: Can Type 2 diabetes be stopped? – The Australian

The Australian“You know, having a food problem is a lot like that.” Around here, plenty of people have food problems. So perhaps it is no surprise that more than 13 per cent of the state’s adults are diabetic – the second-highest prevalence in the US – with another … and more


Constipation Is A Big Indicator That This Diet Is Wrong For Diabetics – eMaxHealth

eMaxHealthThe standard diet recommendation for diabetics is a high protein, low carb diet, however, chronic constipation is a frequent complaint reported by this group, which leads to more medicating, instead of dealing with the root cause — the recommended low …

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Type-2 diabetes: Eating THIS reduces you risk of disease by 35 … – Daily Star

Daily StarADDING the right food to your diet can slash your risk of developing diabetes. and more

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