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Flavor Networks Reveal Universal Principle Behind Successful Recipes – MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology ReviewSo an ongoing challenge for food scientists is to discover laws that govern flavor combinations and use them to create new recipes yet to be experienced by human taste buds. Today, Tiago Simas at Telefonica Research in Barcelona, Spain, and a few pals …

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The latest Chez Panisse personality to break out, Samin Nosrat prefers ideas to recipes. Her first cookbook – Salt … – The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail“Or, if you haven’t shopped, to look at what you have in the fridge and to throw something together.” She says old-fashioned recipes are included because “the publisher insisted” – more than a how-to guide, she wanted to give home cooks transferrable … and more

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How to Cook Asparagus: Basics, Tips & Recipes –

Care2.comOf all the seasonal vegetables, asparagus stalks are perhaps my favorite. While available year-round, spring is truly the best season for fresh asparagus. Farmers harvest crops from late February to June, with April being the very peak of the season. I …

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Sarah Michelle Gellar’s kid-friendly mini pancake muffins: Cook this book – Toronto Star

Toronto StarGellar writes in the intro that the book is more “food crafting” than cooking, meaning dishes are presented in a cutesy, kid-appealing manner. Think mac and cheese in cupcake tins, waffles served on and scrambled eggs eaten out of. Most baking recipes … and more

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Comfort food, Scandinavian style: Easter recipes herald the arrival of spring – National Post

National PostAfter a long, dark winter, the appearance of vegetables such as asparagus and new potatoes signifies the season of renewal (both are showcased in Hahnemann’s Easter Potato Salad; recipe follows). Embracing freshness in your cooking is a natural way to …

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