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6 Greenville chefs, bakers share their beloved recipes to get you in the holiday spirit – Greenville News

Greenville NewsThe holidays are about love, family, friends and of course, food. So we asked a few chefs and food lovers to share the dishes that will absolutely be on their holiday table this year. Luckily, they’ve also shared their recipes, so you can bring it to …

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The foolproof Christmas lunch guide – The Times

The TimesHowever, a well-made one is ideal at Christmas because you can carve it at the table and it can double as stuffing for the meat-eaters. My tips are not to pad it out with dull nuts (I’d use chestnuts, pine nuts and pistachios over brazils and walnuts …Mary Berry’s recipes for Christmas dinner trimmings […]

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Vegetables get happy with garlic- and spice-infused drizzles – Washington Post

Washington PostOf course, you can also find ingredients like the berbere spice blend or flavorful garlic-infused oils at the grocery store to save a little time. Berbere is an Ethiopian spice blend made from chilies and other spices. Though you can find it online or … and more

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A New North Hollywood Restaurant Joins the Modern Filipino Food Movement – Eater LA

Eater LAShare-plates called “quick bites” include Petaluma chicken lumpia starring chicken thigh and breast meat instead of traditional pork tucked into house-made wrappers. If going the poultry route, one’s better off ordering chicken sisig ($12). Sisig is a …

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Online outrage after Canadian TV host kills cougar in northern Alberta – Red Deer Advocate

Red Deer AdvocateEcklund posted several photos of him holding the dead cougar and another of him making a stir-fry from the meat. His posts triggered outrage online: dozens of people have criticized the post, including Laureen Harper, the wife of former prime minister … and more

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9 Tips for Better-Than-Delivery Fried Rice – Bon Appetit

Bon AppetitFried rice is that takeout staple that everyone from hungover college students to too-tired-to-make-dinner-tonight professionals can agree is delicious. It’s a wonderful food, but figuring out how to make fried rice at home that’s every bit as tasty as …

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Mouthwatering photos show what Christmas dinner looks like in 20 countries around the world – INSIDER

INSIDERPhoto courtesy of Balsam Hill. “At Christmas, there are four courses,” Mar from Andalucia, Spain told Balsam Hill. “For the appetizer, a bottle of red wine and a mixture of Iberian dishes can be found on the table, including cured ham, salchichon …

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A Different Kind of Christmas Dinner: Spicy Shrimp Stir-Fry – New York Times

New York TimesI did not grow up with the New York Jewish tradition of Chinese food and a movie on Christmas Day, a popular custom that purportedly harks back to the beginning of the 20th century (well, maybe not the movie part). As the story goes, on the Lower East …

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