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Chef Wendell: Vitamins in a pill or on plate? – WISH-TV

WISH-TVINDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — By eating closer to earth you can prevent many mental and physical diseases caused from vitamin deficiencies. We’re a little undernourished. Today’s popular processed food fare offers little or no significant health-creating …

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Suffering from cracked lips, headaches, bad breath or low sex drive? Here’s what vitamin deficiency YOU have – and … – The Sun

The SunEXPERTS have revealed the everyday symptoms which could show you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency, including cracked lips, headaches – and bad breath. Persistent dandruff, itchy or dry skin, low mood and even stress could also be signs you need …How bad breath could be a sign of a vitamin deficiency | Daily […]

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Vitamins are a waste – Business Insider – Business Insider

Business InsiderGwyneth Paltrow seems to think the answer is yes. Her new Goop-branded monthly vitamin packs, which cost $90 each and sport names like “Why Am I So … and more


Vitamins aren’t always the magic pill | The Kingston Whig-Standard – The Kingston Whig-Standard

The Kingston Whig-StandardThe newest must-have trend isn’t a designer bag or an ultra-Instagrammable food monstrosity. It’s something your mom likely forced on you a six-year-old child: … and more


MADDEAUX: Vitamins not always an Rx | 24 Hours Toronto – 24Hours Toronto

24Hours TorontoGhoul master Vincent Price was pushing Monster vitamins in this vintage ad but Sabrina Maddeaux wonders whether they’re really the Rx people think they are. and more

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