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Must-Try Recipe: Shakshuka – Healthy Eats (blog)

Healthy Eats (blog)Eggs add healthy protein to make for a satisfying meal. Experiment with other protein-rich add-ins like beans and small portions of meat to add interest texture and flavor. Some recipes call for hefty doses of salt, so consider swapping in salt-free …

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Healthy asparagus recipes for spring – The Washington Post – Washington Post

Washington PostIs it too early to be tired of asparagus? Before you get veggie fatigue, try one of these healthful dishes from the Recipe Finder. We bet you’ll work them into your … and more

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Students learn the delicious side of healthy cooking – Twin Falls Times-News

Twin Falls Times-NewsStudents learn the delicious side of healthy cooking. TETONA DUNLAP; 12 hrs ago; 0. Cooking Matters. Buy Now. TETONA DUNLAP, TIMES-NEWS. Boys and Girls Club members prepare a recipe for black bean brownies …

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14 Healthy Meatball Recipes –

Health.comYou might think meatballs rank high on the scale of unhealthy food options, but these recipes will make you think again. Fortified with healthy swaps and add-ins, these meatball recipes will fill you up with protein and nutrients while you satisfy your …

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8 healthy unicorn food recipes that taste as good as they look – Well+Good

Well+GoodSomething undeniably magical is happening in the wellness world right now: Unicorn food has taken over, and not only is it beautiful—a rainbow of pastel pink, baby blue, and amethyst purple—but the ingredient lists are superfood-packed as well.


Runtastic’s new app is all about healthy recipes and its name is … – Android Police

Android PoliceWhen I think of Runtastic, I think of an app that I install on every phone fully intending to use it. Unfortunately, I completely forget about it and end up uninstalling … and more

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New healthy recipes launched in war against diabetes, women … – The Straits Times

The Straits TimesSINGAPORE – Women are being roped in to join the national fight against diabetes, with the launch of a collection of healthy recipes at Our Tampines Hub on … and more

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Meal Prep: 5 Healthy Comfort Food Recipes To Make This Weekend – Huffington Post

Huffington PostEvery week we bring you Meal Prep to help you lay out healthy weekly meals. Do your shopping, spend a few hours cooking on the weekend, and enjoy the fruits of your labor all week long. A lot of thought goes into curating them, ensuring there’s a good …

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