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EdgeX Foundry project aims to standardize Internet of Things at the network edge – SiliconANGLE (blog)

SiliconANGLE (blog)EdgeX differs in that it’s a framework for building IoT edge software that connects devices to the Internet via the cloud. It’s an extremely welcome development too, because the current mishmash of incompatible technologies that make up much of the …Open-source EdgeX Foundry seeks to standardize Internet of ThingsZDNet all 17 news articles


IoT Strategy Cuts Human Error at Teel – Plastics Technology

Plastics TechnologyIn a true demonstration of the Internet of Things (IoT)—aka Industry 4.0—in action, leading profile processor Teel Plastics Inc. recently added new software technology that allows operators to control all process parameters from one place to reduce …


DevOps champion Chef’s recipe for collaboration – Diginomica

DiginomicaThe next few steps are up to the individual teams, which are structured as a triad that combines product management, software engineering and UX design. Team members may vary during the life of the project, depending on what skills are needed along the …

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Oracle’s Latest Acquisition Shows the Ad Software Arms Race Remains in Full Swing –

TheStreet.comCompared with, say, autonomous driving or social media deals, marketing software acquisitions typically don’t grab a ton of headlines in the tech or business press. But it has been one of the more active fields in tech M&A, as enterprise software …

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Introduction to algorithms, machine learning and AI – CampaignLive

CampaignLiveMachine learning is a set of algorithms that enable the software to update and “learn” from previous outcomes without the need for programmer intervention. They are extremely … An algorithm is the same as following a recipe created by a chef …


Q&A on The Rise and Fall of Software Recipes –

InfoQ.comDarius Blasband has written the book The Rise and Fall of Software Recipes which challenges the conventional wisdom of software engineering, he protests against the adoption of recipes and standards-based approaches and rails against the status-quo.


QuadTech to unveil world-first “color management breakthroughs” at INFOFLEX 2017 – What They Think

QuadTech to unveil world-first “color management breakthroughs” at INFOFLEX 2017What They ThinkWithout any hardware modifications to the press, ColorTrack software seamlessly integrates with ink recipe software to not only simplify workflow, but also dramatically reduce the number of ink corrections needed to achieve accurate, optimal color …

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Business Power Tools: Baker’s Startup Productivity Recipe – PC Magazine

PC MagazineThink of all the apps you open on a daily basis. There are apps that have become second nature to you in how you go about your day, get information, communicate with friends and co-workers, and, most importantly, get things done. Businesses work the …

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