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Nigel Slater’s comforting fish recipes – The Guardian

The Guardian… flecked with spinach; a plump little prawn cake eaten like a burger; a tangle of crab pasta with a sauce made from its shells; and a bright salmon salad with the piquancy of rhubarb. Here are just some of the fish recipes that have been in my …

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How to Buy & Cook Spinach + 19 Recipes You’ll Love –

Care2.comI’ve been writing about seasonal vegetables for a few months to inspire people into including more fruits and vegetables into their diets. Recently, I’ve covered some of my favorite spring vegetables like asparagus, ramps and fennel. However, I can’t …

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Nigel Slater’s gyoza recipes – The Guardian

The GuardianThe guy at the counter is unfazed by my request for a third batch of gyoza, the plump pouches of porcine joy he’s been cooking all evening and, for all I know, his entire life. The seats are uncomfortable, his kitchen could do with a damn good scrub …

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The Queen takes on Mary Berry with 1959 drop scones recipe – Daily Mail

Daily MailTop of the list is one for drop scones, which she cooked for American President Dwight D. Eisenhower when he visited Balmoral in 1959. ‘Ike’ and his wife Mamie enjoyed the treats so much that he asked her for the recipe, and she obliged in a personal …

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The weekend cook: Thomasina Miers’ recipes for chicken karaage tacos and banoffee pie – The Guardian

The GuardianI’m the first just to chuck a few ingredients into a pan for fast midweek meals, but at weekends I like to take time over my cooking and have a bit of fun. The mayo with today’s fried chicken is a case in point: since I found out that the flavourings …

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3 alternative roast recipes to cook for Easter Sunday lunch – Evening Standard

Evening StandardWeigh your ham and calculate cooking time you need at 40 minutes per kg (2lb 4oz). Place the ham on a rack inside a large roasting tin and add 2 litres (31/2 pints) of water. Using large sheets of foil, make a tent over the ham (it should not touch the …

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s recipes could give you food poisoning, study finds – The Independent

The IndependentBut now academics are criticising Paltrow for the potentially dangerous cooking advice in her recipe book, My Father’s Daughter. According to experts, her chicken recipes could put people at risk of salmonella and campylobacter because she doesn’t give …Why Gwyneth Paltrow cookbook could put you at risk of food poisoning: Roast chicken recipe criticised […]

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Celebrity cookbooks are giving bad advice on food hygiene, researchers warn – celebrity cookbooks are giving bad advice on hygiene and some provide little information on how to avoid food poisoning, researchers have warned. Recipes involving meat products often do not include adequate warnings or information about … and more

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