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How to have the perfect Vegan Christmas – WalesOnline

WalesOnlineIts definition was amended in 1978 by the Vegan society to read: “to seek an end to the use of animals by man for food, commodities, work, hunting, vivisection, and by all other uses involving exploitation of animal life by man.” To translate, vegans …How to prepare a vegan Christmas the tasty wayThe Sunshine Coast […]

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Public Reacts ‘Positively’ To Canada’s Upcoming Vegan-Focused Food Guide – Plant Based News

Plant Based NewsAs the Canadian government prepares to unveil its highly-anticipated food guide in 2018, newly-published public-opinion research has shown participants reacted ‘fairly positively’ to the changes. Health Canada has released the results of focus-group … and more

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MEET THE CHEF: Martine Ashe is creating vegan food for us all at her stall at Taunton’s Farmers’ Market – Somerset County Gazette

Somerset County GazetteWhere are 30 years ago being a vegetarian or vegan would have carried with it a social stigma for being a bit weird, now not only is it cool but more and more people are eating food which would be classified as vegetarian or suitable for vegans. The … and more


DISH DETECTIVE: The cafe turning the way we think of vegan food on its head – The News

The NewsThe DD’s staple fallback of a burger was there, and so were what were on the face of it noodle dishes. But read a little closer and intrigue started to build – the burger was beetroot and black bean, the bun coconut and topped with poppy seed (£12.95 …

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Meet the woman behind By Chloe, the world’s hippest vegan restaurant for non-vegans – Metro

MetroIt’s the plant-based burger joint loved by Miley Cyrus. Meghan Markle. Stella McCartney. Basically everyone. They’ve got a load of branches stateside and now, finally, By Chloe is following our soon-to-be princess to the UK. Yep, after getting …

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How a Vegan Diet Can Help You Lose Weight –

Care2.comPeople may choose a vegan diet for a variety of reasons, be it for the environment, animal ethics or health. However, some people give the vegan diet a try purely to lose excess weight — and perhaps for good reason. Vegans tend to have lower body mass …

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Meat free frenzy: Liverpool’s vegan food trend – Your Move

Your MoveAs Liverpool’s ever growing food and drink offering continues to thrive, the broader trend of an increase in veganism hasn’t been overlooked. From plant-based pop-ups to dedicated new eateries and more inclusive menus across the board, Your Move …


Vegan nights at The Orange Tree have been sell-out successes – so how good is the food? – Leicester Mercury

Leicester MercuryFirst, a confession: I enjoy eating meat and I’m pretty partial to a cheese board. Right, glad we got that out of the way. So, why did I go to a vegan food night? Well, out of curiosity mainly. Together with my mate Beth, I went along to The Veeg Inn …

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