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Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gia Russo Offer Family-Friendly Food With Cookbook – Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood ReporterThe book features recipes that follow a month-to-month guide of what to cook for each season and holiday — for example, green-themed food for St. Patrick’s Day, mini turkey pot pies for after Thanksgiving or cookies to celebrate the unofficial Star …


Just Foolin’ Around: 7 Books From Comics and Humorists – New York Times

New York TimesThese books capture the same spirit of mischief with collections that straddle the line between memoir and late-night sketch, veracity and embellished storytelling. Whether you’re abstaining or … HOLIDAYS ON ICE, by David Sedaris. Sedaris is one of … and more

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Invited To A Seder? Here’s What To Bring Your Host – Forward

ForwardWhen you were a kid and your mom insisted you bring a book to your best friend’s roller-skating birthday party, you felt lame. But now that we’re adults, books are cool. On Passover, the most important question is the fifth one no one dares ask: Who … and more

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