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Family life: Dad cooking the Christmas fry-up; Hit the Road, Jack by Ray Charles; Grandmama’s boozy truffles – The Guardian

The GuardianThis photograph shows my dad, Sydney Staplehurst, cooking breakfast on Christmas Day 1974. He had a newspaper pitch and Christmas was the only day he had off, so he insisted on preparing the traditional Christmas fry-up. The photo screams the 1970s …

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A Surrey butcher’s top tips for buying, preparing and cooking your fresh turkey – Get Surrey

Get SurreyThere are various ways of preparing a turkey but Kenneth favours putting butter under the skin. He suggests making an incision on the leg joint with a knife, lifting the skin and putting 250g of butter on each breast under the skin. He also recommends …

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Cooking up a solution – Barossa & Light Herald

Barossa & Light Herald“We had a man in who broke his shoulder, and he was a single man who couldn’t cook, and we just gave him meals in that circumstance. “Whoever walks in the door.” Fellow volunteer Marilyn Newcombe agreed people came into the Community Kitchen for a …

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Cooking with Dianne: Pasta Roma recipe makes a new dish from leftovers – Clearfield Progress

Cooking with Dianne: Pasta Roma recipe makes a new dish from leftoversClearfield ProgressThis recipe, originally calling for leftover roast beef and beef gravy, was the answer to using up a large cooked chicken breast. I didn’t have any chicken gravy but I did have some leftover of cream of chicken soup from another recipe that […]

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Indian Chef Sets World Record by Cooking for 53 Straight Hours … – Food & Wine

Food & WineA celebrity chef in India has smashed the Guinness World Record for most consecutive hours cooking, logging 53 straight hours behind the stove – or eight …Human Machine Cooks 53 Hours Straight to Set Guinness RecordGrub Street all 2 news articles

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The Goldster Uncovers a Mecca of Chinese-Islamic Cooking in Orange County – Eater LA

Eater LAAfter last week’s Chengdu Impression review, Jonathan Gold keeps the regional Chinese cuisine kick going with a review of Mas’ Chinese Islamic. The large Anaheim restaurant with “a lot of bus-size [parking] spaces” by Jamillah Mas’ is perhaps best …

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What’s Cooking: What Do You Cook to Impress? – Lifehacker Australia

Lifehacker AustraliaHey there, and welcome back to to What’s Cooking?, the weekly open thread where you get to share your brilliant thoughts, advice, recipes, and opinions on all things edible. This week I want to talk about the meal you make when you want to impress and …

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Gordon Ramsay Even Critiques His Daughter’s Cooking | Food & Wine – Food & Wine

Food & WineTurns out Gordon Ramsay’s almost as critical of his own family’s cooking as he is with the people on his reality television shows—but there’s less cursing … and more

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