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Life-Changing Cookbooks: An Everlasting Meal – Paste Magazine

Paste MagazineI learned how to offer love as sustenance. I did not learn how to cook. I practiced. The recipes became more complex, dinners grew more triumphant. Life became busier, time and energy at an increasing premium. I moved far away from my mother’s kitchen …

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From the food editor: How to quick pickle red onions –

Tampabay.comTop with 1 slice cheddar cheese and ¼ cup pickled onions per piece of bread, and let cook for a minute or two. Smear ¼ cup goat cheese on two other pieces of bread, then top bread in skillet with these two pieces. Flip sandwiches over, and let cook on …

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Who needs to know how to grow vegetables? It’s learning how to cook them that counts – The Guardian

The GuardianTo sum up, the shadow foreign secretary said she thought schools should teach every child how “to grow a carrot”, the better to help them learn about healthy eating. Leaving aside the fact that Thornberry has a rare ability to make just about any …

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The Seafood School relaunches at Billingsgate Fish Market – East London Advertiser

East London AdvertiserA group of food lovers gathered in the kitchen to learn how to cut, prepare and cook all the exotic fishes that you can find at the world-famous venue in the Isle of Dogs. The school, a charity which was originally founded back in 1999, held a day with …

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Learn about buying & cooking sustainable seafood at KC zoo’s Seafood Soiree – Kansas City Star (blog)

Kansas City Star (blog)Chef John Smith will demonstrate how to properly prepare and cook homegrown shrimp from KC Shrimp Co. The event will be held in Helzberg Penguin Park and co-sponsored by Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, an educational nonprofit that … and more

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How to quit your dependence on Seamless with NYC cooking classes – Time Out New York (blog)

Time Out New York (blog)Whether you’re looking to save a little cash or just gain some real adult skills, cooking is the way to go. We’re not suggesting giving up dollar slices or your local Thai spot for good—just test the waters by cooking one or two meals per week. Here’s …

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UVU educating students outside classrooms to learn basics of cooking, healthy eating – Daily Herald

Daily HeraldEach week, the Wellness Programs office hosts Tasty Tuesday, where they distribute healthy snacks and recipes to students nearby. This year they started doing Munchie Mondays, which is similar to their Tuesday event but allows them to travel across …

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How to Make Pasta – New York Times

New York TimesIf you’ve never made pasta, take it on as a weekend cooking project rather than a quick weeknight meal. Working with pasta requires all of your senses. You’ll quickly learn that every batch is different, depending on everything from humidity and …

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